Open Source database management systems are increasing their market share dramatically over the last couple of years. Market Experts like Gartner are predicting a market shift from commercial, closed-source DBMSs to Open Source DBMSs in the coming years. According to Gartner, by 2018, more than 70 percent of in-house deployments will be on open source DMBSs and 50 percent of existing RDBMS deployments will have been converted or start the process.

To address this space, Toad Edge – a new commercial database management tool is being released by Quest Software – a global System and Security management software provider, to simplify MySQL development and administration. It is part of the Toad Product Family – a database management toolset by Quest that enabled data analysts, DBAs and database developers to manage relational and non-relational databases using SQL. Toad is said to contribute in data technology management by automating processes, reduce development time, lowers development cost and enhancing performance and scalability.

Toad Edge currently supports MySQL RDBMS development, management and administration by providing the following valuable services:

  1. Minimize the MySQL Learning Curve by utilizing a lightweight, intuitive IDE and automation facilities of Toad.
  2. Simplifies MySQL development and administration.
  3. Ensures quality and maintainability of code.
  4. Supports DevOps workflows using the Jenkins Continuous Integration Plugin.

Features of Toad Edge

  1. Object Explorer and User Manager – allows efficient management of database objects and user privileges.
  2. SQL Worksheet with Content Assist for writing complex SQL queries rapidly and with ease.
  3. SQL Query Monitor that displays running queries to enable creation of export scripts and logs easily.
  4. Quick Import/Export of data using a variety of formats – SQL, CSV, ZIP archives etc.
  5. Schema Comparison and Synchronization – for databases and creates change scripts for source and destination databases and exports to a file or SQL Worksheet.
  6. Database Snapshot allows taking current state database snapshot to compare and synchronize it with another active database (replicated or clone).
  7. Advanced MySQL JSON Browser and Editor for editing JSON scripts using a data browser that visualizes scripts segments and help to find and fix errors.
  8. Supports both Windows and Mac OS.
  9. Expandability to include open source, on-site or cloud databases like MySQL, Amazon RDS MySQL etc.
  10. Enterprise Technical Support along with self-help tools.

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