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MariaDB Backup and Restore with mysqldump

In MariaDB both logical and physical backups are possible. Logical backups are made up of SQL statements that actually performed CREATE, SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, etc. operations on the database and Physical backups are copying the data and index files that store the table information including structure and data. While logical backups are highly portable, physical backups are less portable and compatible between not only different hardware, OS, etc. but also between different storage engines of the same DBMS. This is due to the difference in file structure used by different intra-database storage engines and between different OS, hardware, drivers etc.

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Basic MariaDB Database Administration

MariaDB is an open source RDBMS released under GPL License. Currently there are millions of MariaDB installations across the world. MariaDB’s popularity is due to its speed, security and scalability and capability to handle massive data sets. This article discusses about basic to intermediate MariaDB Administration tasks. More details are available at the MariaDB official knowledgebase.

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Galera Cluster for MySQL and MariaDB

Galera Cluster for MySQL is a MySQL multi-master cluster setup that uses the Galera Replication Plugin. The replication is synchronous so that any changes happened at any one master node is immediately replicated to other master nodes as broadcasted transaction commits. This synchronization provides high-availability, high up-time and scalability. All master nodes in the cluster are available both READS/WRITES. The Galera Replication Plugin provides automatic node control to implement dropping of failed nodes from the cluster and rejoining recovered nodes back to the cluster. This prevents data loss and clients can connect to any node, as decided by the Replication Load Balancer. Since changes are synchronized between all nodes, unlike conventional replication, there is no slave lag, lost transactions and client latencies are kept at a minimum level.

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Basics of MariaDB Server Commands

MariaDB, the popular open source database software can be installed and run various types of servers like: standalone machine, virtual machines, cloud, containers etc. It is available with all major Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu. Furthermore it is the default database in RedHat Linux, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise etc. The latest tar and binary downloads for Linux, Solaris and Windows are available at the Official MariaBD Download site.

This article discusses about the essential post-installation administrative tasks for managing MariaDB Server effectively.

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Tools for Database Management. TeamSQL.

We continue to talk about tools for working with MySQL databases. In our reviews we test management and monitoring systems as well as other programs that will be useful for you to work with databases. Today we will consider a project called TeamSQL that has recently appeared on the market.

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