The rise of the vertical database.

Things are really heating up in the database industry; the last ten years have seen an explosion in the number of products and vendors (analyst firm 451 Research now tracks 386 different products on its popular ‘tube-map’ of the database landscape). The rapid evolution of the internet and the move towards data driven decisions across all industries has created a rich environment for database innovation. Read more.


The OpenSource Innovation Revolution.

Back in 2000 most Fortune 1000 companies shunned the idea of utilizing OpenSource technologies. Not that there were many commercially available products to choose from. What most technology managers didn’t realize at the time, was that the OpenSource community was in the midst of a technology innovation revolution.

The first shot of this revolution was fired in 1991 by a young Finnish student named Linus Torvalds. His personal operating system project (Linux) proved to be the foundation and spark that ignited an innovation explosion. In the 24 years since the Linux kernel was introduced, there have been dozens of technologies that have changed the perception and adoption of Open Source within large U.S. businesses. Read more.


Bad News: Your Favorite Database Isn’t the Best.

We decided to answer one of the key questions in the database world: Which is faster, PostgreSQL or MySQL? This analysis has never been possible to do objectively before, but with recent advances, it now is. So we did it. Read more.


SQLite 3.20 Improves Query Planner.

There’s a major upgrade to SQLite, the embeddable SQL database library that is found in many memory constrained gadgets such as cellphones, PDAs, and MP3 players. The new release has an improved query planner, and an extension that suggest tab-completions for interactive user interfaces. Read more.


Rising database security threats require attention — and action.

In the not too distant past, Gartner’s data management analysts didn’t get many inquiries about data security issues from the IT managers and other corporate professionals they advise, but that has changed.

With database security threats taking on new dimensions in the big data era, data management teams are asking more security-related questions, according to Gartner analyst Merv Adrian. The volume is still relatively small — only one-quarter the level of inquiries about the Hadoop processing framework, for example. Read more.


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